A brief message from our overlord

I love books. And ancient cultures. Not to mention tea. Along with the occasional baked good. Slightly misanthropathic while still maintaining a feminist/humanist perspective on life. Kind of confusing, a frequent sufferer of foot in mouth and not the girl you want to bring home to converse with your family.

I am a many splendoured being and as such I shrug off labels. Or at least shudder when someone pulls back the film on the label then gently tries to adhere it to myself. I am not a food stuff nor am I a garment.

Just because the way in which I do things is not the way in which you, could possibly, do things, does not make it correct. In fact, either of us could be wrong and where would it leave us? Existing still and doing things the way that we had decided was the most useful to us as individuals.

This is a place for me to paint with my thoughts, and other such things that wander through my mind.



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